Since 1929

Historic Downtown
Venue for Small Events

State-of-the-art facility built to host small events up to 200 patrons, built for community 

to gather around dancing, music events, theatre dramas, and more!


General Information

Step Into Legacy

Nestled within the historic heart of Riverside, California, The Box Theater stands as a testament to time, culture, and the enduring spirit of the arts. Also known as the Fox Performing Arts Center, this architectural gem is sculpted in Spanish Colonial Revival style, exuding an old-world charm that has graced Riverside since 1929.

Where Past Meets Present

While its walls whisper tales from the roaring twenties, The Box Theater has been infused with new life, seamlessly blending history with modern amenities. In 2009, our beloved theater embarked on an ambitious journey of rejuvenation. The culmination of this effort saw its grand-reopening in January 2010, transforming it into a state-of-the-art regional performing arts haven.

Historic Venue

The Fox Performing Arts Center, historically recognized as The Box Theater, was constructed in 1929. This esteemed edifice, exhibiting the Spanish Colonial Revival architectural style, is strategically located in the core of downtown Riverside, California. Serving as the cornerstone of Riverside’s Arts & Culture initiative, this theater experienced an extensive renovation and restoration, positioning it as a premier regional performing arts venue. The meticulous refurbishment culminated in the autumn of 2009, and the establishment celebrated its grand re-inauguration in January 2010.

Diverse Acts Under One
Majestic Roof

From Broadway-esque extravaganzas and classical symphonies to contemporary acts and experimental theater, The Box is a melting pot of performances, mirroring the diversity and dynamism of the Riverside community.

Heartbeat of Riverside's
Arts & Culture

Beyond just a theater, The Box is the shining star of Riverside’s Arts & Culture initiative. Each performance, each applause, resonates with the commitment of a city to celebrate, nurture, and foster creativity.

Be Part of Our
Timeless Story

Join us in the continuing saga of The Box Theater. Whether you’re an artist dreaming of the spotlight or an audience member passionate about the arts, you are not just witnessing history here — you're becoming a part of it.