The Box

3635 Market St., Riverside, CA 92501

Facility Use Fee

General Information

All bookings will be made on a first come, first serve basis with priority given in the following order:

  • Riverside professional, educational and community nonprofit performing arts organizations
  • Regional professional, educational and community nonprofit arts organizations
  • Regional commercial entertainment venue (touring shows, popular acts, subscriptions, promoter events, and speakers)
  • Community activities, corporate events, and special events
  • Filming, videotaping or live broadcast events

Rental begins when the first person arrives and ends when the last person leaves.

The rental time block includes load in and set up as well as clean up and load out.

The Box is available for use from 8AM – Midnight.

Commercial Ticket Splits

Touring shows, promoter events, bands and other commercial acts could be contracted to participate in ticket spits instead of facility fees. Please contact us at specialevents@riversideca.govor 951/347-6572 to discuss.

Security Deposit

$300 refundable damage and cleaning deposit due 30 days prior to the performance date. Please provide a separate check for the deposit as it will be held until satisfactory checkout following use. A walkthrough of the facility with BB staff and the contract signer will be made prior to and immediately after an event to check that the area is left in proper condition and to determine if any damage to the BB or it’s equipment has resulted from the renter’s use. If anything of greater value than $400 is found to be damaged or lost, it is Renter’s responsibility to restore or replace the item(s) in a question with something similar or in better condition AND the security deposit will not be refunded.

Cleaning Fee

A cleaning fee of $50 is required for each event rental. This fee is not discounted. This fee covers the cost of cleaning the bathrooms and common spaces and for the cleaning supplies and paper products in the bathroom. This fee does not cover the cost of cleaning the whole building or rental spaces; it is the responsibility of the renter to clean the spaces they rent.


The Facility Fee Statement /Invoice will be sent with the Rental Agreement. A standard deposit payment of $300 or 25% of the total facility fee, whichever is greater, is due at the time of booking. If the facility fee is less than $300 then payment will be due in full with the Rental Agreement. The balance is to be paid in full no later than 7 days after the last performance /event. An additional invoice will not be sent. Monthly and quarterly payments may be arranged for long term or ongoing rentals on a case by case basis.

Rental Deposit

Standard deposit payment of $300 or 25% of the total rental fee, whichever is greater is due at the time of booking.

Black Box Facility Use Fee Includes

Approximately 200 seats in “L” or “U” shape or approximately 225 seats in Proscenium or Round shape

Black Velour Drapes

Dressing Room Area

Tech Control Booth

One ladder

Lobby/Box Office/ Plaza Area

Basic Stage Lighting system and standard house plot

Basic Sound System

Facility fee does not include additional supplies such as office supplies, tools, extension cords, etc.

Moving stage lights, theater seats and drapes will require additional fees

Black Box Rules and Regulations

Prohibited/Restricted Items/Activities

Please be advised that the following items are either strictly prohibited or require approval prior to the event. Renters that wish to use restricted items/activities should describe in detail their plans for these items/activities on their Rental Application.

Strictly Prohibited Items/Activities:

Tape, Screws, Staples or Nails on any BB equipment, floors, windows, or walls

Pyrotechnics of any kind

Open flame of any kind (including candles)


Rice, confetti, birdseed, “flutter-fetti” or other similar items

Blocking Exit Signs

Restricted Items/activities that require fees and additional approvals:

Alcohol (requires a liquor license)

Set Construction


Moving stage lights, theater platforms and seats, drapes

Reservations: The BB may be reserved for a maximum of three weekends per event/production with a maximum total of 15 weekends per calendar year per organization.

Chaperones: For events/rentals that include minors (children under the age of 18) responsible adult (adults over the age of 21) chaperones are required. For every 20 minors, there will be one responsible chaperone. Minors are subject to all federal, state, and local laws while within the Box.

Security: For certain events and rentals, the BB may require the renter to provide adequate and professional security.

Certificate of Liability Insurance Policy: What does the amount need to be? The certificate of insurance shall include the following endorsement: “The City of Riverside, its officers, employees and agents are named as Additional Insured with respect to liability arising out of the (name of the organization, event name or title and date(s) of event.) 

City of Riverside

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The Box

3635 Market St.,
Riverside, CA 92501